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  • Easy To Use and Customize

    Capture-fm® is designed to have a unique user interface design that makes it easy to use yet offers incredibly advanced functionality.

  • Integrated Surveying

    Capture-fm® which is fully integrated with Capture-fm® mobile - our mobile surveying software gives a convenient way to collect information and perform audits of assets. Tried, tested and proven over the last 5 years with over 3 million asset records collected, you won’t find a more reliable system for asset tracking.

  • A New Brand

    Capture-fm® is the new name for Asset-fm®. The software has been re-designed and coded from the ground up. So whilst it is a new brand, it is one that you can trust to deliver the solution to your asset management problems.

  • Discover All Network Devices

    Capture-fm® Network ScanPro makes easy the enormous challenge of building a network inventory, where it is necessary to know the configurations and components of network devices.

  • Installed Software Management

    Capture-fm® Network ScanPro enables easy and efficient management of all software installed on various computers on the network.

  • Monitoring and Notification

    Monitor network devices, their components or properties with ease. Sends notifications when set conditions are met.

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